April 23, Palisade Rim Trail

Kevin on Upper Loop

This new trail has been on our list.  The initial climb up to the rim and the upper loop were completed in the Spring of 2013.  We were really worried about riding today, as it was quite windy today for a rim trail.

The trail climbs steeply for 800 feet in the first mile.  Went right around the lower loop.  Checked out the petroglyphs off the trail.  Then hit the connector trail to the upper loop and went left.  We climbed on new, narrow, bench-cut singletrack.  Luckily the trail along the rim/cliffs was nothing to worry about, as far as cliff exposure.  We were quite worked by the technical nature of the trail system.  The description rates it as difficult, even by Grand Junction standards, and they are correct, until more use causes the natural widening of the trail.   9.4 tough miles.

Stopped in the local bike shop, Rapid City Cycles, after the ride, and got the skinny on future development.   The owner of the bike shop says the upper loop is already wider than it was a year ago.  Sounds like the next trail will continue to climb even higher, with hopes of reaching 10,000 feet.

Francine with Petroglyphs near Lower Loop trail

Francine on super-narrow singletrack, climbing on the Upper Loop

April 22, Grand Junction - Lunch Loops area

Francine on Leftover Lane

Francine cruising on smooth Holey-Bucket trail

Don & Val left for Seattle this morning, sometime around 4 am?  They were so quiet, we didn't hear them leave.
Today was supposed to be 82 degrees, with a severe windstorm arriving around 1pm, accompanied by  45-50 mph winds, lasting until 11pm.  Since our early risers had departed, we got started about 10:30am.  The wind was starting to pick up.  I think it was blowing around 20 mph when we started, but we seemed to be fairly protected during our ride.

Climbed Curt's Lane to Leftover Lane where we went left on the Miramonte Rim Trail.  Headed down and left on the end of the Holy Cross trail to Holey Bucket.  Retraced our steps yesterday on Holey Bucket to Clunker.  Continued on Clunker until it hit Holy Cross.  Went right and climbed up on the rim.  Went left on Coyote Ridge to Raven Ridge to High Noon to Pet-E-Ekes.  Here we split up.
The wind was really beginning to blow, so Francine opted for a trail she knew, Pet-E-Ekes, while Kevin wanted to try a trail new to us, Eagle's Tail, for his final descent.  When we hooked back up, we added on a final loop on Kid's Meal.  10.4 miles.

April 21, Grand Junction - Lunch Loops

Today was supposed to be our warmest day at 78 degrees, so we told Don and Val (early risers & starters) that we would get up early to start our ride.   We like to sleep in.  So instead of starting at the crack of 11, we started around 9am.

We  rode out the Tabeguache Trail to Pet-E-Kes to Holy Cross up PreNup to Little Park road.  Climbed the Gunnector to the top of the Gunny Loop.  Here the trail got smoother and less rocky as we headed on the fun downhill.  Near the end of the Gunny Loop, we went left on Holey Bucket, right on the bottom of Holy Cross.  Went left onto Ali-Alley to Curt's Lane to Leftover Lane to Yes N DeeDee to "Hop, skip, and a Jump" back to the car.

These trails are a little more technical than the Kokepelli trails, and definitely more-so than the smooth 18 Road trails,  and we skipped the double diamond trails. Great day.  13.5 miles.

Francine on Pete-E-Kes

Val on Pete-E-Kes




Kevin taking a different descent than the rest of the gang on Bentonite Hill

Bentonite Hill dropping into oblivion

April 20, Grand Junction - Local Redlands Trails

We woke up to rain on Saturday, 19th.  So, it ended being a day off.  Renee and Bill left in the morning to head back to Broomfield (Denver).  Don and Val did a hike in the monument.  After we saw Bill/Renee off, we decided to head to Grand Junction to watch the Road Criterium Bike race in town.

Sunday, 20th was move day.  We were leaving our house in Fruita, for a change in location to a house in Grand Junction.  We will be there for 4 more nights.  Luckily, we were able to check right-in to our next house.  Went for an 8.33 mile ride on the locals trails in the Redlands neighborhood adjacent to the more popular Lunch Loops trail system.  We weren't sure what to expect, but we found narrow, packed singletrack that seemed to be made by the local bikers.  Had a great ride, and barely scratched the surface of that area.



Don, Val & Francine

April 18, Kokopelli Loops

The gang rode Mary's, Horesethief, Steve's loop and finished on Wrangler for a 17 mile ride.  I had forgotten how gorgeous this trail is.  Classic Fruita ride.

Francine on Horsethief Loop trail



Colorado River

Renee on Steve's Loop


April 17, Zion Curtain

 Bill and Renee showed up from Denver, so we had the whole crew to do one of best trails in the Rabbit Valley area.  With about 2,000 feet of climbing for the day, we were rewarded with a sweet downhill.  Solid 20 miles.  Lot's of fun.


Kevin and Don




April 16, Rd 18 Area

Short 9 mile ride at the Road 18,   Out Zip off, up Western Zippity to Front side and down on Joe's Ridge.

Don Hecker


Val on Joe's Ridge

April 15, Western Rim Trail, Colorado

Don and Val Hecker made it to Fruita last night, and we headed to the Western Rim trail for our first ride together.  Thanks to the recent rains the trail/quadtrail/roads were probably the best shape we have seen them.  Pounded out 19.5 miles in four hours.  Excellent ride.


April 14, Fruita - Kokopelli Lion's Trail to Troy Built

We needed to keep a couple trails off Bill & Renee's agenda, as Bill is slightly afraid of heights, and there were a couple of sections on this trail that spooked him.  We also wanted to do an easier route so we didn't fry our legs before Don/Val and Bill/Renee arrived with fresh legs.  We have normally done this route at the end of our trip with super tired legs, so it was real a real treat with fresher legs.  After the hard rain from yesterday, the trails were in primo shape.  The amount of hard-pan trail was awesome.  We are here a couple of weeks earlier in April, and the cows were out in the beginning section, as opposed to the end of the ride.  9.34 miles.

Sad News, Loss of another good one.

On the drive to Fruita, we heard the sad news of the death of  a friend and coworkers wife, wonderful mother of two beautiful boys.  Ellie Booher met her maker on Friday while backcountry skiing out of the Fairy Meadows hut in Canada.

NE Shoulder of Chair Peak, Snoqualmie Pass, Wa.

Crested Butte

Lucky Shot, Crystal Mt,

Ellie, Greg, and Chris

Ellie and Francine enjoy a burrito
Crested Butte

Ellie rides off into the distance

  News Report:  A female skier died after being injured in an avalanche Friday while backcountry skiing with a group in British Columbia’s Selkirk Mountain Range.
The skier, who was part of a ski tour group with Fairy Meadows, was caught in the slide southeast of Fairy Meadows lodge on the Gothics Glacier at around 3:15 p.m., according to Golden and District Search and Rescue.
“The subject was fully buried in an avalanche for approximately 45 minutes,” said Shauna Speers, search and rescue manager, in an e-mail.
According to the Canadian Avalanche Centre’s incident reports, the slide was triggered when the ski tour group was “skinning up” the slope.
The group managed to dig the skier out, as two search and rescue members made their way to the area with Alpine Helicopters to join in the resuscitation and rescue efforts, Speers said.
The victim was flown to Golden and later taken to a Calgary hospital, but she did not survive.