Sept. 25 Bike Park - Whistler

Paid the money for a lift ticket, and rode the lifts with Scott and Jason.

Jason drops into Dirt Merchant Trail


Sept 24, Whistler Valley

Rode out the paved system to access Piece of Cake and A La Mode, to Lower Sproat then Beaver Pond and out Danimal.

Beaver Pond

Tom Davies on Danimal


Sept 23 - Pemberton - One Mile Lake area

Francine rides Lumpy's Epic in Pemberton BC

Last night we had some rain, so we thought we should head to Pemberton.  When we checked the online weather forecast at 7:30am, they were already at 53, while Whistler was only 46.  Also, Whistler was expecting rain at noon, while Pemberton, at a lower elevation, was predicting showers at noon, with rain at 1pm.  So, we hustled to get out the door.

 We parked at the One Mile Lake trailhead.  We rode out the lake trail to a right hand turn toward the direction of Lumpy's trail on the "Sea to Sky Trail".  Went left on "Overland Trail" to "Overhill-K2 Trail".  We continued the steep climb on "Newsflash" to a right turn on "Break-Away".  We took this to the intersection of K2 and Pioneer.  "Pioneer" was our intended descent, but after a couple of steep switchbacks, we realized that Francine would be walking too much, so we turned around and retraced our steps.  At the top of Pioneer, we went back to the intersection of  Newsflash and Break-Away, where we went straight on Break-Away.  We started feeling a few sprinkles, but the sunshine kept trying to shine through.  This trail descended to Lumpy's Epic, where we went left, and descended to the river.  Went left on the Horse Trail, and made our way back to  One Mile Lake .  Sprinkles started to get more persistent.  Short, 6 mile day, but some sturdy climbing to keep our legs tired.

We went into town for lunch and powered up with some good burgers at the Pony.  On our way home, we pulled into Nairn Falls Provincial park, and hiked the 1.5 km (.9 mile) trail to the falls.  So, we added almost a 2
mile hike to our day.

Sept. 22 - Whistler

We have lots of space in our nice 4 bedroom condo on 4 levels.  There are lots of stairs.  I'm sure our legs will be feeling it by the end of the week.

The Snowbird condos are higher up on the hill, so when we left the condo for the day, we climbed up.  We didn't really have a plan but ended up climbing up some steep fireroads, and made it to the top of "Golden Boner".  Now, we know that Francine has a hard time with Black Diamond rated trails in Whistler, but we thought we would try Golden Boner.  Unfortunately, Francine walked down most of it.  It was a relief when the trail ended and we went left on "Roam in the Loam", which is a Blue Square rated trail.  Then we descended to the base of Blackcomb, on a trail under the Magic Chair.

Francine actually on her bike on "Golden Boner"

Kevin on rock move on Golden Boner

We made our way to Whistler Village where we stopped for a snack to regroup.  Our next plan was to find an easier trail for Francine.  We heard that they had done some work on the "Blueberry Hill" trail, so we made our way there on the Valley Trail.  After that we made our way to the "Emerald Forest" area, where we rode most of the trails.  Then, we took the Valley Trail (paved) back to the condo.

Sept 21, Squamish - Crumpit Woods area

We are on our way to Whistler for a week.  Thank you to Pat & Larry for the use of their "points" for a week at The Snowbird condo at Whistler.  We  picked up a 4 bedroom for the week.

Squamish is a big town about 1 hour before Whistler.  We spent 3 days riding here in July,  but missed the Crumpit Woods area.  We decided to explore Crumpit Woods on out way to Whistler.  11.6 mile day with some interesting route-finding.

One of the F...side trails.

Climbed "Endo" which popped us out on a boardwalk area to "S&M connector" to "Frthr-side" to "Fartherside" to an accidental descent down "Farside".  Climbed back up "Farside" to "5 point Hill".  We were expecting a connector trail to the Lost Loop area.  So we went exploring out a barely used trail, bushwacking our way to the gravel pit, where the trail basically disappeared in the slide alder.  We ended up bushwacking/dragging our bikes down a hillside to a road in the gravel pit.  We rode around looking for where we thought the connector trail might be.  We never found it, as it seems the connector had been abandonded for a while.  so, we started descending an unused road, passing a sign that read "Private Property.  Gravel pit road is alarmed. RCMP (cops) will be called."  We descended more, until Francine finally got Kevin to turn around and retrace our steps.

Once we made it back to the "5 point Hill trail", we climbed to the top and descended.  Next, we flew down "Fartherside" and descended more on "Frthr-side" to "S&M Connector".  Here we ran into a friendly girl out for a ride with her dog.  She was basically going our way, so she told us where to go at the intersections, which was real nice, because we didn't have to keep pulling out our map.  Here, we went right on "Sweeter the Berry".  Climbed and descended "Spencer's Big Gay Ride".  Went left on "Three Virgins" and left on "The Graduate" to the boardwalk area and back to the car.

Sept 18, Moto Ride from Ronald, Wa

Got back to our favorite riding location for some dusty but fun motorcycle riding.






9/13 Middle Fork Trail

Rolled out the road to the middle fork, thinking the new paved road would be well on it's way to being finished.   Nope - two more years.   They were planning on paving the parking lot this week and the very end of the road.  Major project, they are doing quite a bit of widening.  We were stopped on the road, about where the new section of the CCC trail starts.  This added 3 miles of trail to reach the Middle Fork traihead, although a very nice 3 miles of trail.  At the Middle fork trail we opted to take road upriver for 5 miles then we dropped down to the river and across a nice bridge.  I think it was 6 miles down river on the middle fork, then back out the ccc trail for a 20 mile ride.

August 23, Galbraith trails, Bellingham Day 2

We checked out of our AirBnB ground floor 2bedroom unit and tried to get an early start for today's ride.  We started at the south, main parking lot near Galbraith Lane.  Francine's bike computer battery was dead, so we tried to use her "Hike-n-Bike" app on her phone, but it didn't record anything, so we don't know how many miles we rode today.

Rode up Galbraith Lane and turned right on the second road, went thru two gates, and headed for the climbing trail, 3 Pigs (Brick, Stick & Straw).  These were sweet, easy climbs compared to what we have at home for steepness.  At the end of 3 Pigs, we went right on the Towers Road 3000 to the top.  Being a Saturday, we saw lots of bikers climbing the Towers Road.  They were all friendly and told us which way to go at the intersections, which kept us from pulling out our map.

At the top, we ran into some more friendly bikers.  After a break, and getting directions on how to get to our descending trail, we headed off on Evolution, with an immediate right onto Wonderland.  Descended on Naughty Nelly to the just opened Keystone trail.  The local bike club, WHIMPS, just finished the bridge yesterday, which meant we could descend on Keystone.  Hit the road, and realized we missed the intersection for Bottle Opener.  Really glad we retraced our steps to climb back up and hit Bottle Opener, as it was totally in the trees, with damp, tacky dirt full of pine needles.  Then we went left to traverse on Kaiser, (which had seen recent logging) until it hit the Towers Road 3000, at the top of the 3Pigs trail.  We were here earlier in the day.

Climbed the Towers Road a short distance this time, past the Red Rock  (locater rock painted red) to descend on Pump Track, The Sh*t, Eagle Scout and Atomic Dog.  Atomic Dog ended just below the start of the 3 Pigs trail.  We weren't done yet, so we climbed the first section of the 3 Pigs trail, went left on Pony Express, and finished the day on Dog Patch (new fun trail) to Last Call for a third little downhill of the day.  They were really fun trails with swoopy corners and tacky dirt.

All in all, the trails conditions were fantastic for late August.  They have done a sweet job of building easy grade climbing trails, with multiple options for descents.  We aren't sure why it has taken us so long to come back to Galbraith.  The last time we were here, years & years ago, we were totally lost and really couldn't find the trails from our poor map.

The current map is great.  Intersections for trails and roads are well marked.  They even have Emergency Checkpoints that correspond to the map for reference on where you are.  Signage is great.  Navigation was a breeze.  I think we always knew where we were.  Great couple of days.

August 22, Galbraith Birch Street Trailhead, Bellingham

Found a nice Basement 2 Bedroom Unit in Bellingham on AirBNB.  Parked at the tiny north trailhead at Birch Street, a small parking area with room for about 8 cars, and totally in the shade.  It has been about 10 or more years since we have ridden in Bellingham.  We have heard good things about Galbraith, and it didn't dissappoint.  After the technical trails of Squamish, Francine was quite happy to find smoother trails.  We stopped by Fanatik bike shop to buy the map and get trail recommendations.  The guy in the shop recommended a great Cross Country route.  Francine told him she didn't want the super steep trails with drops and steeps, but was looking for the "Cross Country" trails.  He delivered.

Climbed Miranda Trail, Ridge Trail, Cedar Dust, Bandito, up Tough Love climbing trail, Kung Fu Theater, Here to There, Pick Up Sticks, Fire Circle, and down El Pollo Elastico.  Next we started climbing again up Intestine to Cleavage to Rd 2510 and left onto Rd 2520 to the "G" Aid Checkpoint and a little further to the new Shelter built by an Eagle Scout for his project.  After a short rest & food, we descended Cabin and 187.  187 was a nice bermed downhill trail.  Then we climbed Cougar and Cabin Trail to get back at the shelter at the top.

We had a sweet descent on Golden Spike to SST to Back Door.  Then we had a slight climb thru the neighborhood to get back on the Ridge Trail and a nice descent on Miranda back to the car.  We are so glad we made sure to hit Golden Spike for our last descent to the car.  Golden Spike seemed to be a new flow trail, with jumps (all with ride-arounds), which was in the shade, with damp, tacky dirt with pine needles.  It was real fun.

Oh, the dirt here was perfect for August.  Basically we had hardpan dirt with lost of pine needles.  11 miles.

August 20 - 21, 2014 Whistler

Renata called because she was taking a last minute Birthday trip to go to a Downhill Mountain Biking Camp at Whistler.  Kevin had to work on Tuesday, so Francine jumped on the chance to go ride in Whistler.

Wednesday - she rode the Zappa trails at Lost Lake.  13 miles.

Thursday - she rode Cut Yer Bars, Emerald Forest, Barts Dark Trail and River Runs Thru It.  10 miles.

Renata was in "downhill biking camp" until 4pm, and they headed back to the US, where she dropped Francine off in Bellingham to meet Kevin, where they would bike the Galbraith Mountain trails for two days.

August 20, Moto

Finally got Scott back out on his motorcycle.  First real ride since he blew his ACL riding on a motocross track.  We kept the day fairly mellow and headed over to Lost Lake and Scott pointed out ski lines from back in the day, when he was working with Cascade Powder Cats.  Roads were nicely graded, and will be better with a little more moisture.

Scott and Vic

Backside of Tinkham Peak - Looks skiable,
Silver Peak on the right

Stump Lake  (Keechelus)

August 15, Roslyn

With lots of rainfall, we headed to Roslyn as the sun started to dry out the trails.  Trails were perfect dirt and the new trails below the cell tower were riding great.  12 miles - Roslyn trails

August 10-12, Whistler Bike Park

Thanks to my neighbor Scott Sumner for organizing his annual guys trip to Whistler.   We arrived Sunday morning and were on the lifts by 11:00.   Enjoyed not having to pedal uphill, but it's pretty amazing how tiring downhill mountain biking can be.  We did 13,000 feet of descending our first day covering about 24 miles incl. chair lift rides.   Scott, Steve and I were all pretty much the same speed, so it was fun chasing each other around all day.  Glad no injuries.  Would be very easy to have a bad wipe-out.  Did another full day on Monday, then Tuesday we paid for the 3 ride ticket, 35 bucks, and rode from 9:30 till noon.

Kevin gets airtime on Crank It Up  -  Photo by Coast Mt. Photograhy

Scott on Dirt Merchant


Scott on Freight Train


Steve Topp - Dirt Merchant

Scott and Steve - Top of Garbanzo lift.

Scott, Kevin, and Steve
Post ride Drinks at the Longhorn




August 6, Baker City Oregon, Elkhorn Crest Trail

Francine's ride description:
18 mile pedal
18 - 20miles  - walk with bike
20-20.79 sort of back on the bike
20.79 - 24.65 - downhill

24.65 - 31.65 painful downhill on jeep road

Francine at the 6:15am start to try and beat the heat

Don happy that it is cold out still

Don with smoke in the background


Kevin in our only patch of snow on the trail

One of the two downhill trail sections

Kevin & Don answering the phone call from God

You can see Don in the lower left.  Our trail is in the right, middle of the picture.

We think some heavy rain within the last two weeks
 washed away the trail and covered it with rocks

This must be between mile 20 to 20.79 where Francine
 was back on the bike more than she was walking

Don on the 3 mile downhill to Marble Pass

Francine at Marble Pass, the end of the Elkhorn Crest Trail 24.65 miles.
  We still get to lose a painful few thousand feet on a dirt road.

We saw I-phone photos some hikers took of the big goats
 on the hoods of the trucks, with the kids running around
 them on the ground