June 28, Windy

Back from vacation, so will try to add a few more photos.  Right now just this one.

June 25, Rafting the White Salmon

Kristin signed us up with Wet Planet to raft the White Salmon.   Unfortunately, before the raft trip, Kristin and Jimmy did a bike ride on the Old Hwy 30 paved trail to Mosier.  About 50 feet from the end of their ride, he rode off the pavement into the soft sand and crashed.  After a trip to the ER, he was diagnosed with a broken radius, near the elbow.  While Kristin and Jimmy hung in the ER, we headed to Husum Falls and Wet Planet to go rafting.

Kelly had done the trip earlier in the week with his family and highly recommended Wet Planet.  Due to river flows that were closer to August levels, Wet Planet was able to put in 2 miles higher than the standard commercial launch.   This added a couple of nice class 4 waterfalls and a raft portage where we could cliff jump below a set of falls.  Great way to spend a super hot day.  Even got to run the 12 foot drop on Husum falls.  Hooked up with a splinted Jim and Kris at Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon for nice dinner to finish out the day.

June 12 - 17, Francine's Parents & Sally arrive

June 12, Friday - After Francine's morning massage, Francine & Kevin went down to the Waterfront Site so Kevin could windsurf again, as there was wind.  Fred, Sue & Sally arrived around 1pm.  We brought them down to the Waterfront Site where Kevin was windsurfing.  Had to sail when the wind blows.  Kevin remained on the water, while dad treated us to lunch at 3 Rivers Grill.

June 13, Saturday - It was windy again, so Kevin headed to the river.  Francine, Sally, Sue & Fred ventured out to do the Fruit Loop.  Went to Smiley's, Packers, the Alpaca farm, Apple Valley Country Store, and Pheasant Valley Winery.  Thanks for lunch Sally.

June 14, Sunday - Low wind day.  The five us us drove west to Stevenson to check out the Bridge of the Gods.  Checked out the old locks, no longer in use.  Drove over the Bridge of the Gods and headed back to Hood River on the Washington side.  Stopped in White Salmon for lunch at Everybody's Brewing.  Thanks dad.  

June 15, Monday - Mom, Dad & Sally packed up and were out the door by 8:30am.  After morning yoga, we and did a quick ride in Post Canyon.  Then, Kevin headed to the water to sail, while Francine set up her lawn chair and book in the shade on the river.

June 16, Tuesday - Francine had to drive home to do Fire Department and other bookkeeping work.  Kevin stayed in Hood River.  After his morning massage, he rented equipment from Big Winds and headed to The Hatchery to sail.  After getting blown around on his 4.0, he retreated out of the water.  Rough day.

June 17, Wednesday - Francine left Snoqualmie Pass at 6:20am, hoping to miss the 1 hour closure at Milepost 56.  Score!  No delays.  She made it to Hood River in 3.5 hours.  After getting worked on the water the previous day, Kevin was taking a rest day.  So, Francine did a solo ride in Post Canyon climbing to the top of 8Track and descending Bad Motor Scooter and GP and Lower GP.  Still wanting more of a workout, she went to Hot Yoga in the evening.

June 11, Dalles Watershed Circumnavigation

Kevin on Cooks Meadow Trail

Drove out the 44 road to hit a nice ride we have done before.  This area is in primo shape right now.  The flowers are all starting to bloom.  Trails are in fantastic shape - practically hard pan.  We started at 4550 Feet and climbed from the car on Knebal Springs Trail 474 for 3/4 of a mile before we plateaued at a high meadow.  This was followed by a bermy, fun 1 mile descent.  Did a bit of route finding trying to find the correct road/left for the new Super-Connector trail.  Went left on that to descend to Forest road 1720.  Cruised out that to FR44 and went right for 1/4 mile and found trail #688 on the right.  Rode that for 1/2 a mile on a fun descent.  Climbed back up to the road, crossed FR44 and started a climb on Cooks Meadow Trail 439 at our low point of the day at about 4100 feet.  This trail is a grunt up hill, but lots of work was put into it a few years ago to reroute the trail.   A few years later, and all the loose corners are hard pack.  Eventually we were treated to a sweet, flowy and fast descent that ended too quickly at a gravel road at 10 miles.  Went left for a 2.2 mile climb on the gravel road.  Luckily no cars came by to dust us.  After the climb to 6000 feet, we went left on a jeep road which climbed slightly, then descended 1.35 miles to Lookout Mountain Trail #450 where we went left.  Again, they have done much work on this trail, and of course, some clearcuts have grown, providing more trees and shade.  Climbed a bit here and there, but basically descended to the car.  18 mile day.

Kevin drove the car back down to Hwy 35, and Francine opted to descend the Dog River Trail #675 to Hwy 35.  For most of the ride, Francine wasn't sure she was on Dog River Trail, but wondered if she was on the Surveyor's Ridge trail, as after descending about a mile, she had a 1 mile climb, and was still high up on the ridge, and wasn't making any progress down to the Highway.  After a few highly emotional moments, turning around and climbing back up the trail, finding cell coverage and downloading a map, she decided she was actually on the right trail and continued down toward the car.  7 miles later, not the 5 they guessed, she made it to the car.  25 mile day for Francine.  The trail was actually in fabulous conditions.  On some of the steeper sections, and approaches to the switchbacks, there were some braking bumps, but generally the trail was great, and worthy of sending more of the family down when they arrive.

Later that night we headed to DaKine down on the waterfront for a mountain bike movie, The Builder.  Bought $15 dollars of raffle tickets, and scored.  Kevin won a  pair of mountain biking shorts and Francine won a bike hydration pack.  We also won a kids size medium bike jersey, probably female colors.  Anyone want it?

June 10, Wednesday, Yoga and river day

Tom & Lori had to head home today.  They cruised out of here shortly after breakfast.  We are finally getting a rest on the heat.  Only supposed to be 80 today.  Supposed to be real windy today.

Hit the 9:15am Yoga.  Came home and did a little yard work, and then headed down to the river.  When we arrived, it was windy, and someone was even rigging a 3.7 sail.  Kevin rigged up a 4.2 and tried to sail, but the gusts were huge followed by zero wind lulls.  Kevin went out and back and called it a day after some pretty horrible conditions.

Ran some errands, checked out some windsurf shops and had an easy day.

June 9, Moto in am, Tom & Lori bike Old Hwy 30 Trail, Windsurf in pm at Waterfront Park

Had a nice breakfast with Tom and Lori.  They ventured off to ride the Old Hwy 30 trail from Hood River to Mosier.  Francine & I returned to Post Canyon for a short moto ride.  Zoomed up to the top of 8 Track (bike trail) via Reardon Road.  Much quicker on the motorcycle.  Continued on Reardon Road to Trail 140 intersection, that we biked a few days ago.  Headed up the narrow and tight trail to Trail 170 to just a bit past the first road #1009 crossing.  Went up that for a tiny bit, before we turned around.  Climbed up Road #1009 to Riordan Hill road and the intersection of Trail 160.  Went down that and back to the intersection of Trail 170 and 140.  Went down on Trail 160 to the Binns Hill staging area.  Here we hit some Green Circle (baby) trails for a couple short loops.  After that, we headed back down Riordan Hill Road to an intersection with Trail 140.  Kevin took Trail 140 out to finish his day.  Francine rode out Riordan Hill road to the house.  Was getting quite hot by 11:30am.

Lori on Old Hwy 30 Trail

Tom & Lori were at the house after finishing their nice bike ride.  Had some lunch and we all headed to the river to see if Kevin had enough wind to windsurf.  Turns out the predicted wind didn't fully materialize.  He did some slogging.

Tom & Lori had some friends, Jeff & Sally Fiorini, who were also in town at their Hood River house.  We were all invited to a nice salmon dinner.  Busy, fun filled day with nice friends.

June 8, Post Canyon with Tom, Afternoon Sail at Waterfront Park

Good friends Tom and Lori arrived last night for a few days.  Francine and I took Tom to Post Canyon for some nice shady riding on a day that was to top out about 96 degrees.  We rode Seven streams to 8 track to bad motor scooter then back out on seven streams,  As always great ride.  Headed home for lunch then down to our favorite spot on the river.  River temp is about 63 degrees.  Nice.   Winds came up and I had some great sailing, but still suck at jibing.

Moving good with 5.2m sail


Tom heads for the water

June 7, Windsurf day

Francine did morning yoga and I saved myself for a day on the water.   Rented bigger equipment for a less wind day, and had a great time.  Sails 7.0 and 6.0,  Board was Goya 108.

June 6, Rest day, Yoga then hung out at Beach.

Not much rest on this vacation.  We have added yoga to the mix, and that is really working out legs.  Thank goodness yoga is a little easier, here in Hood River, compared to Seattle.  Kevin said he needed a day off from biking.

We went to the morning yoga class, and then headed to the river to see if the wind would pick up. Hobie was doing Kayak demo, so we hopped in a double.  They had a new foot activated paddle that mimicked the way a dolphin swims with its dorsal flippers.  We thought that looked better than straight paddling.  Paddled upwind for a few minutes before we decided our legs were tired.  Paddled a little past the swim beach, and floated downwind/upriver back to the launch point.

June 5, Post Canyon - Shuttle Kingsley Reservoir back to the house.

Hooked up with Kent, who owns the house we are renting until June 29th, for a Post Canyon ride.  Wanting to see more of the upper trail system, we suggested shuttling up to Kingsley Reservoir.   After climbing a heinous boulderfield on quad trail 197, we reached Dirt Surfer Trail (Trail  170) and began the long descent.  Hooked into Trail 140 and rode down all the way into the heart of Post Canyon .  First couple miles of Dirt Surfer was pretty steep and a little chewed up, but the rest of the trail was in great shape.  Descended briefly on Trail 116-Spaghetti Factory to climb on Charley's Trail #120L with a finish on Kleeway Trail to Seven Streams #101.  12 miles, mainly downhill.  14.25 total with ride back to the house.

Kent cruising on Trail 140


June 4th, Day 2 Windsurfing, Day 9 of Vacation

Well I still suck, but am slowly improving.   The wind was up and down which made for some challenging non-planing times.   Still dialing in equipment.  Finally getting the harness lines dialed in better.  Started out pretty good, but when I rigged a bigger sail the wind totally died down.  Francine did not seem to understand how everyone else looked fine while I sucked.   Luckily after driving home for lunch and coffee, I gave it one more try while Francine headed off to Dude Yoga.  The wind picked up and I had a couple high speed reaches, fully powered up on my 5.2 sail with an 88 liter RRD 55 board.  Met up with Francine after her yoga class, hit the Thursday Farmers Market at the Middle School for some veges, and had dinner at Lake Taco.

Need more wind.  Luckily I got a little more in the afternoon.

June 3, Hospital Hill

Always one of our favorite rides, Hospital Hill.  So named because the trail used to start from the White Salmon Hospital parking lot and climb up to the top of the ridge above the hospital.  This ride is primarily on private property so, in deference to the owners wishes, maps are hard to find.   We still have a handwritten map from the nineties.   We tried parking this time at the new White Salmon Bike skills park behind the White Salmon ballfields,   We found it easiest to start by going down the road to the gun club road then looking for a steep trail.   There is an area with keep out signs to navigate.   Trail was in great condition, thanks to recent showeres.   Francine was excited to do the Millenium trail on the way up.  She thought that it had to be wider than the last time!  Nope - trail was extremely narrow, often with steep exposure below.  Francine opted to walk many sections due to the exposure.   Crazy trail, and if on your game, totally rideable.   Possibly one or two switchbacks that could be impossible.  When we neared the top of the ridge, we enjoyed the smooth trail without exposure and pedaled east towards Syncline trail system.   We just did an out and back to slightly beyond the the bench viewpoint.   The ride down has changed slightly with logging on one of the main routes.   Looks like quite a bit of trailwork has been done to one of the alternative descents, Triple Bypass Trail to Evergreen Hwy Trail.   Tight still.  I think I enjoyed the climb more.  The views were exceptional.  15 miles.

Francine decides to walk a little on the narrow!! Millenium Trail

Millenium trail

Kevin in his kermit the frog outfit

Francine on trail across the ridge top to
Syncline from hospital Hill

Descent, tight

June 2, Post Canyon

Headed up Post Canyon.  Ran into the new climbing trail, Mobius, and headed up.  Up a long ways.  Heckuva climb, would not want to do on a sunny day.   We got to the top of Mobius and it started to rain.   Hustled over to the Family Man area via Spaghetti Factory, then dropped back down, and took the new Kleeway trail.  Quick ride.  We ended up good and dirty.  Good stuff.  7 miles.

June 1, Moto Pinemont Road

Trailered the dirt bikes up highway 35 to the Pinemont Rd.  This area has some designated motorcycle singletrack #310.  Unfortunately trail was fairly hammered and pretty narrow.  Francine did a good job riding, but it took a lot of effort.  Not sure I would mountain bike here.  Kitchen Sink is what they call it for mountain biking.

May 30, Windsurf Hood River

Just to prove some things never changed, I hopped on the sailboard again.  In a habit started when I was twenty, I managed to end up way downwind, and had to walk back to my launch site  The day started off pleasant enough with Day 2 at Flow Yoga, then a casual windsurfing start.  We rolled down to the Waterfront Park, in Hood River, and I rigged up.  Started the day day on a 5.2 meter sail.  I was fortunate to be on the river at the windiest point in the day.  Unfortunately, I decided to rig a smaller sail and head back out, just as the wind backed off.   Quite a bit of slogging and I just made it to shore at Kite Beach.  Thus the long walk back to my launch site, and Francine who was reading a book out of the wind.

May 29, Gunsight Ridge to Gumjuwac Trail

Francine, Gunsight Ridge Trail
With warm and dry weather in Hood River, we decided to start high, and drove highway 35 towards Mt. Hood.  We found a good parking lot near our finish, the bottom of Gumjuwac Trail.   Ride started off with a road climb, further up Hwy 35.  We slowly spun past Mt Hood Meadows ski area lower lot then cut through a snowpark to head up dirt road 3550 for another 4 miles.  At around 5,000 feet we finally hit singletrack and started going up and down along Gunsight Ridge Trail (highpoint 5,920).  We enjoyed the narrow trail and high elevation vegetation.   Eventually we started going downhill and had a great descent all the way back to the car at 3.600 ft.  Managed 19.6 miles with a wrong turn on the logging road.  Stopped in Parkdale to see the new Brewpub and have a couple of beers.  We then had great BBQ across the street.  Nice day!

Top of our Hwy 35 climb,  Dirt road starts out of the snow park
across from Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Area

Climbing on Gunsight Ridge Trail

Selfie with Hood kind of visible
Kevin rides through a burned out area

Francine and Kevin

Getting steep on Gumjuwac


May 28, Hood River, Or. Moto Post Canyon

Rolled into Hood River, and started settling into our vacation.  Stopped at the motorcycle shop and picked up a couple of Off Road Vehicle tabs for our dirt bikes.  A whopping $10.50 each.  Free map of Post Canyon included.  Checked out a good beach for windsurfing, then signed up at Flow Yoga to make sure we work out all our muscles on this trip.  Mountain biking, windsurfing, yoga, motorcycle riding, beer, and good food.  It's going to be a nice vacation.   We jumped on our motorcycles and ran over to Post Canyon to see if we could get lost before dark.  Luckily we didn't get too lost.

Francine on her little Honda CRF 150

Kevin - Trail 116

May 27, Living in Paradise

Got out on the dirt bike and did a Mt. Catherine circumnavigation with a detour to a Pretty pond in the Silver Peak basin.  Great Weather.

Vic sticks in a ear plug

Mt. Catherine in background.  Day 1 vacation

Driveway view.  Mt. Chikamin at the end of Gold Creek Valley

Lupine in bloom

May 12, Echo Ridge, Chelan, Wa.

New trail - Switchback Alley!  Across the street from the rope tow, there is a new climbing/descending trail that takes you up to The Shoe.  Good stuff.   Light rain all morning, before our ride, made for most excellent trail conditions.  We also checked out Dust to Glory, new last summer.  Still trying to dial in the best loop up top, but Minor Threat to The Shoe and Switchback Alley made for a great descent.  15 miles.

May 11, Stairway to Heaven, Wenatchee Canyon #2

Going Up

Going Down
Another beautiful day in Wenatchee.   Rode up Stairway to Heaven, up the road a little, down Road Rage, up the road to Waterslide, down trail, then back up road to the top of Stairway to Heaven for the rollercoaster ride home.  After the ride, we headed to Lake Chelan to stay for two nights with Pat & Larry at the Lake Chelan Shores resort.  11.77 miles.